La Pobla de Mafumet – Camp Municipal

by Chris Clements | Posted on Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

It’s 1940 and a broken Spain is struggling to recover from the Civil War. Its population are experiencing the grim reality of the military dictatorship. It’s no different in the Catalan village of La Pobla de Mafumet. Most of its 525 inhabitants scratch a living from agriculture, selling their produce at markets 5 miles to the south in the provincial capital of Tarragona.  Seeking a break from the grind and drudgery, a group of local men turn to football and form Club de Fútbol Pobla de Mafumet.


Home Sweet Home – The Camp Municipal

The club’s first home is a clearing on Las Ramblas and over the next decade or so, it would host only friendlies against other local teams. CF Pobla finally joined the Catalan Federation in 1953, but league competition was still some time off. Whilst the population of the village did not grow significantly, the need for new housing saw CF Pobla move to a new ground in 1958. The tree-lined Camp dels Garrofers was located on the corner of Verge del Pilar and Carrer de Marià Fortuny and would remain the club’s base until 1969. CF Pobla first competed in the lower reaches of the Catalan leagues in the 1963/64 season, and as a result started to compete beyond the south west of the region. The club moved to the Camp de La Verge del Lledó in 1969. This was situated on the Carrer Cami del Clos and a covered handball court and tennis courts now cover the site on the northern edge of La Pobla.


Transition Re-vamp – work to upgrade the Camp Municipal in 2006

The 1970’s were a difficult decade for the club, seeing it teeter on the brink of extinction on more than one occasion. But the club and its members persevered and finally began to progress in the 1980’s, reaching the Primera Regional in 1988. The 1990’s saw the club’s ambitions grow and in 1994, the it reached the Catalan Preferente (5th Tier). On the 3 December 1994, CF Pobla moved to its current home, the Camp Municipal d’Esports, situated in the south western edge of town. However the move to the new enclosure did not bring immediate success and the club struggled throughout the remainder of the 90’s, dropping to the Territorial Preferente in 2001. CF Pobla returned to the fifth tier in 2003 and it was at this time that an alliance was formed with regional heavyweights Club Gimnàstic de Tarragona. The agreement between the two clubs allowed Nàstic to loan their most talented youth players to CF Pobla in order to gain their first experience in senior football.


CF Pobla’s revamped Camp Municipal in 2008

The Camp Municipal received a makeover at the start of the 2006-07 season, when new seating was installed on the north & western sides of the ground. New changing facilities were built on the southern side and the old dirt pitch was replaced with an artificial surface. The season ended with CF Pobla in fifth place, but the success of Girona FC, CE Sabadell & CF Gava in gaining promotion to Segunda B, created a a vacancy in the Catalan Tercera, which the club gratefully accepted. Promotion to the Tercera for the 2007-08 season saw the ties with Nàstic formalised and CF Pobla adopt the senior club’s colours of red shirts, white shorts & black socks. The club established itself in the top half of Group V of the Tercera, reaching the play-offs in 2010-11 & again 11-12. A promotion double in June 2015 saw CF Pobla win promotion to Segunda B whilst its parent club Nàstic earned a place in La Segunda.

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